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Yes, without a doubt, I have struggled with my weight for years. I have decided in the effort to work on my problems I am going to start adding to my blog posts about my weight loss struggles. First and foremost I am doing it for me but if it happens to encourage another there is nothing wrong with that.

It is about holding myself accountable and I am doing it by putting it all out in the open here online for the entire world to see and I promise to be completely honest. I’ve never lied about my weight other than on my driver’s license and that is one heck of a lie. I think it still says 140 which was my weight in high school. So I will start by coming clean right here and now.

I am at the highest weight I have ever been and I have not a soul to blame but myself.

291 pounds

So who is going to bail me out of jail when I get a speeding ticket and thrown in the slammer for pretending to be someone I am not? Yes, your honor, guilty as charged. No one would believe this girl is 140 lbs.

I didn’t struggle with my weight technically till I had my first child at 17 years old and as much as I place the blame on my once babies. Heck, that was nearly 20 years since the 1st and 15 since the third. I should have gotten it together by now!

I did once back in 2003 ( I think it was 03) but as soon as I hit my goal of 175 I went on vacation and sprang right back up to 240.

The reason I am mentioning numbers is because I believe being honest is going to place me on the right path. If you are wondering my height is:

5 foot 8 inches

I always get so annoyed when magazines show great weight loss stories and neglect to tell the person’s height. Wonder why that is? Because my 5 feet 0-inch mom is going to weigh less than me. I am 8 inches taller.

She was 99 pounds in high school at 5 feet. I will never be under 100 pounds. I would be sickly at that weight.

Another thing about my weight problem is that while it didn’t start till adulthood it really started in childhood. I was called fat when I clearly wasn’t. Lazy at times yes but, not fat by any means. In fact, at 10 I was pretty much a rail. Yet, I thought I was fat. That’s a HUGE problem, I was insecure and I will try and open up about that in my daily posts. Trying for daily but no promises. They will be on my regular page but titled The Raw Of It- Nicole’s Weight Loss Journey so those not interested can ignore it.

On this page, I will list my goals and I will not be putting my specific number goals here although I will celebrate as the weight comes off by giving you all an update both here and on my blog.

Here are my daily goals:

1.Drink one gallon of water per day

2. Exercise, minimum, of 30 minutes per day ( I have a schedule of the exercise routine, but this if I am not feeling well or struggling to get moving. At least 30 minutes a day even if it’s walking the mall.)

3. Track my daily calories in my fit bit application

4. Always choose fruits and veggies over junk

5. Free meal on family party days. Not to go overboard but they are often less than once a month so I am choosing not to worry about it. It doesn’t mean to go off the whole day, just the meal of the event (i.e wedding dinner)

6. Stick to a bedtime between 10-11pm as much as possible and wake between 5-6pm. ( If I get more than 8 hours I personally get groggy and struggle to get up period)

7. Exercise needs to be done before noon

8. Food and water (who wants to pee all night) done by 7pm except rare occasions like family parties.

9. If I get off track, get right back on track when I notice. Not a day later but, right way.

Exercise Goals for October

Sunday 30 min treadmill

Monday 45 min treadmill

Tuesday Taebo

Wednesday 60 min treadmill

Thursday Taebo

Friday 45 min treadmill

Saturday 30 min treadmill

I love to exercise but need to build up my stamina. Changing things up for November but will share that schedule then. More variety to come.


I have decided that I am going to try to stay away from processed foods, not completely, best that I can. I am going to try and keep veggies and fruits in surplus and stay away from an excess amount of meat, but because I truly believe too much meat can cause cancer I am going to try to keep it in check. The biggest thing for me is to keep on track calorie wise.

Watch for me to pour my struggles out online. In fact, when things are the toughest that is when I will be writing my blog.

Ok, enough procrastinating….. time for my treadmill hour. By the way, this is day 4 of my plan so I am already doing it! It has been far from easy, for me it is the healthy eating I struggle with the most.

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