What does Breast Cancer Awareness Month Mean to you?

Well if you asked me that before October 2015, I probably would have said very little. I had a step-grandma who had it when I was in my 20’s and it didn’t affect me because she beat it and we moved on.

If you were to ask me about lung cancer, I would have been downright terrified of it because my grandma died from it when I was 14. Not only did she die but I watched the nagging suffering she went through for well over a year. That is just devastating to see. It is easy to care about something when you are affected by it. The closer you are to the person the more you will be affected by that UGLY SNAKE KNOWN AS CANCER in any form.

Now it is not to say that any cancer isn’t important, but sometimes you just have to be smacked in the face with tragedy to get off your butt and do something about it. To become a type of crusader for the cause. Last October my mom got breast cancer but it was caught early and just recently it is in remission. We were however run over by a Breast Cancer SEMI TRUCK this past winter.

And those words don’t even describe it. Maybe this is because you expect those in their near 70’s or older to get stuff like cancer, but a young person. That is a kick in the head that just does not go away.

I FAILED to understand just how easily breast cancer can sneak in and destroy a family.

It is because while we all have the knowledge not all of us take it seriously.


It took losing my 27-year-old cousin- a mom of one beautiful daughter to WAKE ME UP!

Are you AWAKE to it?

Or are you going to wait until someone young or old you love is taken from you?


Yes, I know shouting is not nice, but I wish someone would have shouted at my cousin. Told her 27 is not too young. Sent her to the doctor and then another doctor till they found it instead of her being told it was merely a clogged milk duct.

Heather did not die in vain. I will not stop till as many people know to be as vigilant as possible. Please spread the word. Please do yourself a favor and check your breasts. Please don’t think that it can’t happen to you or those you love because it can.

I plan to write a lot about breast cancer this month in honor of my cousin. Here are two articles. One about here from Buzz Feed and one I wrote after she passed. Read both of them and pass them on, please. It takes two seconds to hit a button that will most likely save someone’s life.



BREAST CANCER AWARENESS should happen always but especially this month. Be aware, don’t disappear because you think it can’t happen to you. If a relative has a lump encourage them to fight by seeing at least more than one doctor and get it tested. Don’t be told no without testing at the very least.

Look for more articles this month and please share them. One click can save a life.

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