Charities Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Watching the Chicago Bear lose made me notice that the NFL is winning in a big way. The players on the field are wearing PINK this month to shed light on breast cancer awareness. There is no doubt that every one of these men has probably known someone with the dreaded disease and would like to give back to charities. After all, 1 in 8 American women will get it in their lifetime while men have a 1 in 1000 risk.

Statistics might look like just numbers but, they are not. Each one of these numbers is a real family, with real life ups and downs. So let’s figure out how we can help them in large and small ways. If NFL players on the fields across the USA during football games can do it, why can’t we? Let’s start small for those who just don’t have deep pockets. Money is not the only way to give.These charities need help in multiple different ways.


I also don’t want to hear about the free shoes, towels, and gloves the guys get. It takes a real man to actually wear the free PINK stuff! It is the NFL’S way of giving to charities. If you have pink stuff or a pin, wear it during the month of October. You don’t have to have a ribbon to express you are cheering on the fighters in this battle. If you read an article about breast cancer that is interesting, SHARE IT! Don’t keep it to yourself. The more information that gets out there the better.


If you have a story about breast cancer whether it be about yourself or another, SHARE IT! A quick read through and you could change someone’s life forever. Power is in sharing and knowledge without a doubt. Don’t stand by idle as that can be the most dangerous thing you do. Tell your story no matter how painful it is.


Not a talker or writer? Lace up your gym shoes and get to stepping. No, they don’t have to be pink. Walk for someone you know or someone you don’t….. just get out there and walk. There is always breast cancer walks going on throughout the country. Breast cancer walks are great to raise money for a cure. And believe it or not, we are getting better at helping breast cancer patients, especially when it is caught early thanks to technology advancements.

One of the most important parts of dealing with breast cancer is just that, catching it early. In fact, catching it early is the key to the rate of survival. My cousin whose sister passed away recently at 27 is working to raise money for E.R.I.C which stands for Early Recognition Is Critical. They are a charity that works to bring an understanding to the world just how to detect cancer as soon as it pops up.

Douglas is playing in an ultimate frisbee tournament to raise money for the cause. Douglas Black raises money for E.R.I.C a very important component of discovering cancer and treating it while it is still as early as possible. Please donate to this effort if you can or read and share more about E.R.I.C when you go to the website. This is greatly appreciated by the entire family and all of Heather Black’s friends.

Making Strides is a great way to help raise money to support the fight against breast cancer and it is usually a 3-5 mile walk. If you are not a walker feel free to volunteer for different stations such as water or information. No matter what you are doing you are helping in the fight. It only takes a few hours of your day once in a great while. It is not something you will be doing even weekly unless you get more involved.

The Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure also has races throughout the USA of varying lengths. You can check them out here at

They also offer the 3 day-60 mile walk to end breast cancer. If those fighting cancers can battle it out so can we. Why not walk 60 miles in 3 days to end such a horrible disease. Many people do this in big cities throughout the United States. 3 Day for the cure has raised over $800,000,000 since its inception. Check it out here and get involved, you are never alone.

Avon also has a 2-day 39-mileAvon also has a 39-mile 2-day walk to end breast cancer in major cities and it is worth checking out at

Lastly, the American Cancer Society Relay For Life is another fantastic way to raise money. It is a great way to honor both survivors and caregivers as they get to walk their individual laps before all come onto the track to join them.

No matter what event you choose, this is always a great way to help get in on it. If you are unable to do any of it consider giving a $1 donation if one of the local superstores are collecting for breast cancer. You can’t go wrong with giving a little. Many of the options above need volunteers to help coordinate other than just walkers. Give them a call today and help bring breast cancer to an end!

I for one would like a day where we NEVER hear the word cancer again! These charities will help us get there.


If you know of any other ideas please comment them below with the link so others can be made aware! Thank you, everyone, for adding you favorite breast cancer charities to this post.

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