Habit Focused- The Raw of it Day 23

And you thought I gave up! Nope… not even close to giving up. I just need to get much better about blogging my journey. They (don’t know who they are) say small gradual habit changes are always best. After all, my goal is to make this a permanent change not a one time shot for some special occasion. I just have to keep reminding myself not to give up but instead to keep moving ahead.




My arch nemesis is food because quite frankly I am in love with it. That is a habit that I need to cut the ties with and I am working on it but, decided I can’t do it alone anymore. It is time to bring in the one-two punch of what helped me lose 75 lbs last time, weight watchers. The two people I know that are on it are at their goal and have been for a long time and they are skinny! I want that again and I’m going to get it.

Weight watchers

I was going to do a different program but, just didn’t have the bucks for it and can’t keep the unhealthy me here anymore… she’s got to go and now! Now it is costing me less than $20 a month. It has the ability to sync up to my fit bit and has neat ways to track my points on my phone or computer. It will make me look myself in the mirror and say, “put that candy back”.


I was seriously thinking about it the other day and my addiction to food is as bad as a junkie. The only difference is I am killing myself slowly with chicken wings and beer instead of drugs. My thought is if I keep that in my head it might spur me along to try just that much harder because it’s the truth. Breaking up with my bad junk food habit and more so overeating habit NOW!!!


Because I have been making small changes and exercise alone won’t fix it. I am standing steady at the same weight I was when I started but, little steps will get me there. Time to kick into full healthy eating but, check out my exercise progress!!!

Exercise Habit


Now for the great news! I rock at this exercise part! I have been doing my exercise a minimum of six days a week! Can you tell I am excited about at least one of my components going right? I do give myself that seventh day off if I feel I need it based on someone’s great suggestion.



So I am not drowning in the water like I was the first couple of weeks but, I am still swimming in it. I have been letting myself add in tea and coffee because some mornings I need a caffeine kick in the butt. Like right now… let me go grab a cup of Joe.



I am back! When it comes to inspiration I am getting it in a lot of places. First Kudos goes to a childhood friend who post motivational pictures daily and another adult friend who does the same. Then Weight Watchers online is full of great inspiration with people always posting their results. The idea of being able to get into the hamster ball at the pumpkin patch next year is thrilling as well. Quotes are also motivational to me and I will leave you all with this one.

Anonymous “Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most.”

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