Day 11 Raw Of It- Live In the Moment

I am constantly forgetting the importance of living in the moment, as it occurs and at no other time. When you do this it can be detrimental to everything in which you do. As I read through the blogs I subscribe to this morning I was reminded of it at Check out this blog about living in the moment it is a great way to live when you are trying to lose weight like me. If you look forward it can and will derail your train if you are not careful.


Life simply cannot put something more important in front of one’s face than a reminder to slow down. Living in the moment is something that has the ability to make every facet of our lives better. The author above is living a spiritual journey and sharing it through her blog. Her post reminds us how important it is to truly cherish things as they are happening.

I am posting this here because I find it to be extremely valuable information to be reminded of.

Life passes each and every one of us by fast enough and we don’t know or need to know what will happen next. We need to enjoy what is happening now. A great book to read is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. The Power of Now is a book I read awhile back but, it continues to be an important lesson about opening your eyes to everything around you.

It is not a religious book but, is very much a spiritual book. This book will open your eyes further in your own religion or life if you are not part of an organized religion. Be who you are and this is certainly not a plea to change. Just asking you to open yourself to new ideas in order to get more out of the world around you.

The reason I mentioned the Power of Now is it reminds you to live and breathe today and today only. In fact, not just today but, in this very second that you are living.

When it comes to weight loss, my weight loss, in particular, it is way too easy to focus on tomorrow. The focus remains on when the weight is all gone.


I for one have to stop thinking this way. If you have struggled with your weight, you certainly know what I mean. If you eat a donut for dinner on Tuesday night, you say “I’ll do better tomorrow.” Well, tomorrow never comes and you probably just ate the bag of potato chips, drank a can or three of soda and attacked the French bread with a stick of butter.

Waiting till tomorrow is not good enough for me, you or anyone. If you screwed up, fix it now, the moment you notice the screw-up. Who cares if the 2nd donut ends up in the garbage? Don’t get pissed because the first didn’t remember you accomplished something great in throwing the 2nd donut away.

Exercise is another thing we have a tendency to procrastinate on. I will use myself as a prime example. One of my worst habits when it comes to the whole weight loss lifestyle change is that I let life’s events derail my train too easily. I, however, didn’t let this occur this time around which is a HUGE win for me!

I have had a suggestion to work out only six days a week giving myself a day for a breather. Yes, that is a fantastic suggestion but I also know myself where one day off ends up in a decade-long hiatus from physical activity. I know what you are thinking “Nikki just get a grip.”

This is why for me I prefer to workout daily and have a day or two where it is significantly more relaxed, less intense and even less time. Because for me at least I am doing something. It helps my very addictive personality get addicted to something healthy…. MOVEMENT.

The flu has been parading its way through our house this past week and I was terrified to get it. Of course, no one wants to get sick but, it wasn’t getting sick that scared me. It was the idea of it laying me out from exercise. Sorry, I am not exercising when I feel like crap and running a fever. I considered it but, too bad exercise could wait a day.

Dangerous, throw caution to the wind moment for me when I didn’t exercise on Saturday or Sunday. I decided to live in the moment and in that moment I was sick! Well, Monday I was feeling better enough to get back on track and guess what… I did. It was all because I was living in the now, in the day, in the second and I refused to think about the fact that I didn’t exercise the two prior days.

Which, for some reason usually, makes me fold entirely. I stood there and didn’t think about how lazily sick I was the two days before and let it stop me or scam myself into thinking I was still sick. I got on that treadmill and lived in the now. Living in the moment when it comes to diet and exercise can certainly point you in the right direction. While it is great to have goals, sometimes a goal for the day is even too much.


Push yourself in the moment and you will definitely see the rainbow at the end of the workout or the calories falling off in the way of pounds with a healthy diet. Plus remember you will learn to enjoy what you are putting in your mouth and the exercise you are doing if you live for that moment instead of wanting what you don’t have.

How do you stay in the moment?

Share your ideas with all of us here as we would love to hear them!

5 comments for “Day 11 Raw Of It- Live In the Moment

  1. October 5, 2016 at 8:37 am

    Hi Nicole! Thank you so much for sharing my blog! I truly appreciate it and so delighted you enjoyed it. I have been contemplating starting a regiment of exercise and meditation, or yoga. Something to get my body moving. Exercise has been on my mind for a while now becauseI don’t exercise at all. I admire your determination on having exercise in your life. I struggle with just starting, and choosing what I want to do for exercise. Definite procrastination! Anyway I think I might start slowly and start with three days a week.
    Today I will try to stay in the moment by listening to my body and eating when I am hungry, not skipping out and ignoring my needs. Thank you for this great reminder Nicole.

    • October 9, 2016 at 5:12 am

      Hi Paula,

      No problem! Your blog post is a great reminder to me and very insightful. Boy, do I know the feeling of procrastination. For me, If I do not get it done first thing in the morning when it comes to exercise I struggle more to fit it in. You are right about the eating too. See what happens when great minds come together. LOL. Have a great week!!



  2. December 13, 2016 at 3:22 am

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  3. December 17, 2016 at 6:26 am

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  4. December 22, 2016 at 7:35 am

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