Priceless Moments

If you had to come up with a good example of what life is like all rolled into one year, 2016 would be it. 2016 has been a year of complete tragedy filled with many of life’s most joyous occasions. The year has been a reminder of just how priceless life can be.



Life being more valuable than gold or any other treasure has always been obvious to me in my mind. Seeing the value in life, in the good moments is not as easy as seeing the value in the bad. Someone passes and it is an immediate reminder that life is short. Do you love wholeheartedly during the good times too?


If you are someone who sees the value in a person after they pass but, fail to see it now, wake up! As I mentioned above this years has been one big roller coaster ride. In my family, we love seeing each other at good events but are we enjoying them?


These events surrounded by the small delicate one on one moments are what makes us value a person. So what are you waiting for, make sure you are getting everything you can out of the moments when you are with those you love.


taken by Nicole Gregory


I am lucky enough to have a pretty large extended family. At this point my family is all over the United States but, when we are together it is like a moment never passed in time. The chatter, joking, smiles, and laughter just never end and it is the most soul pleasing feeling in the entire world.


The family is what we should be clinging to and we should be attempting to get together more often if at all possible because there is no price you can put on the ones you love. No matter how long it has been you don’t forget the people you love either.


Taken by Nicole Gregory


Yesterday we were at my younger 2nd or 3rd cousins wedding. There were people I had not seen in a long time. My mom not knowing whether I would remember people was introducing me to people I had known my whole life or close to it (I am 37). My mom’s simple gesture made me want to shout for joy that “of course I remember so and so they have had an impact on my life and every time I see them again it gets strong, not weaker.”


We don’t forget the people in our lives who have had any kind of impact either big or small. That could be as little as an extra smile, a friendly gesture or hours spent together. This reminds us, once again, that each of our family and friends is priceless.



Remembering our loved ones that we don’t see all that often is found in many ways. The touch of a hand, the sound of a voice, the power of a hug, the memories of the past reinforce how special that person is in our life. The priceless value of people does not change over time or distance it only gets stronger.


Create more memories with the ones you love. Do this in person, on the phone or through the computer. Don’t let life get in the way and stop you from letting those you love, near and far, know just what they mean to you and that you love them even more now than before.


This is not about telling your loved ones how much you love them before they pass. This is about spending time and enjoying each other’s company while you are all still here on earth. Life is priceless and that is what you will remember forever.

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