What Do You Value The Most?

Everyone values something in this life. The key is to understand that not all of us value the same thing and that is absolutely okay. It is far too easy to believe you are the only one who knows the value. Life has a way of showing us that we are not the only ones who are right.



I, personally, went through an experience that changed me. I almost lost all of the material components that had value to me in my life. My life was once teetering on the edge of economic disaster and it taught me a hard lesson. It taught me that the only thing that really matters in my life are the people in it.



That is life slapping me in the face with the cold hard facts that stuff is just that, stuff. It can be taken from you and you can live without it. From that time on smaller turned into better for me. I put the highest price on that which was not interchangeable, those that I loved. After all, stuff can be replaced, people can’t



There are people I know that value other things. That put a higher price on things that are of the non-human kind. I used to judge and think to myself, how can a thing, be more important than a person. More often than not that thing is not necessarily more important. It is simply where that person is holding that thing on the value scale.


Perhaps, they just rate it closer in value to that of a person. Then again, perhaps their reasoning for why they are placing it in that particular place on the scale is different. It reminds me of my grandfather on my mom’s side and my grandmother on my father’s side.



They each chose to value people but in a different way. When my grandfather left this earth he went surrounded by every single one of his living kids. He had had eight kids and four were remaining at the time of his death and he waited till they were all gathered around him. It was evident he valued family. He wanted to be around family and they were what was most important to him.

He spent his entire life working for his family. Providing for 8 children on the budget of a janitor and a postman. This man worked to give his children the best life he could. He valued family and there was nothing more important than his children, and of course the cubs.


My dad’s mom, on the other hand, valued her children (one she never knew) and her grandchildren but in a very different way. She felt it was her job to protect them from sorrow. When she passed no one was there except for her husband. It was always thought that it was because she didn’t want to see us hurt as she left.

As you can see, they both valued family but in completely different, yet as important, ways. It reminds us that everyone values things in a unique ways for different reasons and that is completely okay.


We lack the foresight to always understand why people place value on some things when we don’t. What we forget is that we are all on paths that are covered with different limbs and branches that we must step over. If we have not gone down that same path, how will we know what is most important to value?



Life is certainly a journey and everyone is on a different one. Each person should be respected for where they are during their excursion of life and not crucified because they are not where you are. Give them time and have compassion that life might not have taken them down that path of understanding yet.


Each person is different and life might never take everyone down the same path. As we learn, we can only hope that people understand that we are on a different path. That each trail lands in the same place but out compasses often guide us in a different direction first. We will catch up with each other.

It is important that we just be kind to each other and respect each other’s differences. When the path finally comes to the end we are all staring at the same sun. Just like my grandparents we are all looking to love or be loved. It just takes time, to get there.


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