Cubs Fan With Tears In His Eyes

For over 70 years his eyes welled with tears as he once again stated, “there’s always next year.”

He had sat next to his dad when he was just a lad and learned a thing or two about baseball

His hopes were dashed, but his faith was strong as the next year would come around

The game he loved was on the T.V. and nothing would stop him from believing it would be

Rooting for Cubbie blue never seemed to be deceiving

It was all that he wanted

To see his team make it to victory

His family took him to a game so he didn’t miss his last chance

It was his first and only game since he was a child growing up in Chicago

He was uncomfortable from the pain but smiled and laughed trying to enjoy the moment

Soon he passed and his family said goodbye

They were reminded he would never see the cubs as champs

Years later the World was astonished to see the Cubbies in the World Series

Then a boy, now a deceased beloved, how his family wished he were here to see

What their father never had a doubt of

His dream that would someday be

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series today

He didn’t die in vain

He was watching the game with the Cubs biggest fan

And when tears dropped to the earth that very day

You can guess where they came from

Streaming down from the joyful faces

From the heavens above

By Nicole Gregory 11/4/2016

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