People Are Not Doing Enough For America


We are not doing enough.

People are not doing enough for America

This afternoon my daughter and I were each working on our computers when she posed a question out of annoyance, “why do these people have to protest trump?” As she spits the words out my mind lit up with thoughts. The first thought was that I have failed as a parent. She honestly was taken back by all the people protesting across the United States. How have I not explained to her that change comes from people who speak up?

Change comes from action

It doesn’t come from those of us that sit silently without voicing our opinions. Change does not come from people who complain and don’t vote. If you are seeking change, you must act. Change is the art of acting. We have come so far because our ancestors wanted things to change and then they made it happen.

There is a passion and a fire in this country I have not seen in my lifetime till now. It is our country given right to fight for what we believe in even if it upsets people. The only rule is that we must do it in a peaceful manner. You also can’t expect people who are scared to run all the time. Sometimes people just want to stay and fight.

People who are scared only have those two options they attack or they run. Those protesting are attacking, they are chipping away at something they see as a problem. The others are running away and they are doing this simply by hiding behind a screen. We need to stop hiding and we need to start acting.

Role model for our children

We need to teach our children right from wrong and we need to lead by example. That is where the fear comes into play for me our children. What parent doesn’t spend time worrying about their children? We all do and those of us who don’t should. We have hatred on both sides of the aisle and many of us felt torn between the two since they were near equally disliked too many of us. I personally felt very embarrassed at the words that were coming out of Trump’s mouth towards others. I want my children and granddaughters to see the leader of our great nation as a role model.

Instead, I worry I will have to flip the channel when our new leader speaks for fear he will say something that is inappropriate. I get that the government shouldn’t step in as much as they do, but I also think they too should lead by example. If the president-elect is splashing derogatory terms about people around who are my children and grandkids going to look up to? Obviously, it starts at home but I am terrified of the United States reversing history.

Afraid to lose what we gained

We have come way too far in the way that we treat each other to go back in time. I am the last person that believes in the idea of politically correct hogwash, but I have come to a point in my life where there are a right and a wrong way to treat people. Not a soul on this earth deserves to be treated with words the way Trump has treated people with his words. He has in one way or another offended each of us with his words. If you don’t believe it, there are plenty of examples.

My only hope is that perhaps what we saw on the campaign trail wasn’t who he is. That he said and did all those things because there is a silent majority that is so fed up with political correctness he knew that it was his only chance to win the race. Perhaps, I am, “grasping at straws” here. I don’t know. He needs to prove to all of us on the other side of the aisle wrong.

Blame the right people for the wrong candidate

The one thing people forget is that many republicans did not want Trump to run for their party in the first place. Illinois is a prime example with Governor Rauner. The problem is that the Republicans didn’t want to stray from their beliefs and there was only one choice that backed those up, Trump. We can’t sit here divided and upset because people voted for Trump. It was their right to do so. What if the situation was reversed? Would democrats have crossed party lines and voted for someone who did not stand with them on the issues? I highly doubt it.

Trump has more to prove to the American people than any president ever elected. He is in one position I would never want to be in, because half the country is terrified of him. They are afraid he will become the next demi-god and do things that have happened in history that should never be repeated.

Don’t take your anger out on your republican friends or taunt your democratic neighbors for being hurt. They voted based on the issues not the person. There is only one place to be upset with for Trump getting into the election in the first place. That would be the Republican National Convention for not stopping him when they had a chance. Please remember many of them were not firmly backing him. The problem is that the Republicans in high positions failed to act and they let a vulgar man run for their party.

Love one another and wait and see

Now we the American people are throwing fits due to the choice the American people made. It is understandable, but we the people elected Trump now we must wait and see what he does. You can’t punish a child before they do something wrong. If Trump doesn’t clean up his act and become a great leader, he has a lot to lose.

I truly hope Trump proves this liberal wrong and does the right thing. This is one time where I want to see him succeed because America will be in big trouble if he doesn’t. We will see this country like we never have before and that is something none of us want. We need to stich up the divide and come together as a country. The world is counting on the United States to fall flat on our face so let’s prove them wrong for once and for all.

Act if you must

Give him a chance to be president and then if he is making a mockery of our country rise up and get him out of power America, the right way.

With our voices

With our actions

With our protests

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