About The Author

First and foremost Nicole Gregory is someone who loves people, no matter who they are or what walk of life they come from. She considers them one the greatest gifts life has to offer. That is why creating the world with less hate and more peace is so important to her.

She has been through many different life experiences in her 37 years on this planet and has the ought most respect for what life has taught her. In fact, she is grateful for everything she has gone through because it has brought a sense of calm and happiness into her life. Henceforth, why she is excited about sharing it with the world!

She personally feels that it would have been impossible to get through some of the moments without belief in the Lord. At the same time, her strength in her faith does not stop her from understanding that others can find the same no matter what their higher power is and is accepting of all religions.

Nicole holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Argosy University. She has worked in customer service and the social work field and loved every job she has held due to the people she has worked with. Her passion, however, is writing and it has been that way since she was a young child.

Through her writing, she hopes to communicate that it is possible to rise above and live a fulfilling life despite many circumstances that you believe might prevent that. It is all about reaching within yourself to love you and spread it outward to others. Nicole has been through many different circumstances in her life and is always willing to put on another person’s shoes.

She has been married, divorced, gone through three layoffs that lasted over a year with her ex, has a special needs son that has dyspraxia, lives in a blended family, is diagnosed with bipolar (never to be ashamed of it), dropped out of high school and gone back as a mom, then to college as a mom and then single mom. Best of all she has learned from everything and is grateful for everything she has been through from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs.

She is married to the love of her life Jim and they live in a small home in Illinois. Together they have seven children and two grandchildren. Whom she adores more than anything!

Nicole knows it is not about what she has, but instead about what she can give and that is her life’s goal.