Author: Nicole Gregory

All I want is to be able to give back and change the world. So I started this site. I love to write. Feel free to comment as I would love to reply. I am also the mom to 3 kids and 4step-kids. I am also thrilled to have two of the most beautiful granddaughters. Feedback is welcome.

Are Spirituality and Religion Enemies?


Spirituality and religion are often confused as one in the same. This is not necessarily true as often religion plays into spirituality. Spirituality also plays a role in religion. Many people are very spiritual beings, but not religious. People might…

How To Help A Loved One Beat The Big C


Probably the most feared word in the dictionary, cancer provokes strong emotions because everyone knows someone who has been there. It is something no one wants to hear and most don’t even like talking about the subject because it often…

Bring Out Your Inner Child


Lately, the term adulting has been crossing facebook timelines everywhere and today is the day where you can say goodbye to that nasty term and try this new one on for size, albeit short-lived. We call it childing and life…

10 Emotionally Damaging Phrases Parents Should Avoid


Let’s face it at some point you will not be here and your children will be forced to live in a world full of challenges that nobody on earth today would ever expect. If you don’t believe me, consider just…

Enforcing Human Rights Close To Home


The United Nations has put together documentation in which they clarify the many rights of every living person. It is seemingly difficult for the United Nations to enforce as it is on a global level. It then comes down to…