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Articles By Nicole Gregory

A tribute to our 27-year-old cousin who passed from cancer and shouldn’t have.

Cancer discrimination needs to end

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Please feel free to share these articles if you would like. Especially anything in regards to Heather Black’s much too short, battle with breast cancer, titled “Cancer Discrimination Needs to End”. It is about our cousin who passed away at 27 after a doctor mistaking a lump for a breast milk clog and dismissing her concerns. That is something we must get the word out about in order to save others from passing well before their time.

It is important to make sure those concerned with something follow their gut and ALWAYS consider getting a second opinion as cancer and death can happen to any of us at any age or time.

Writing is a brilliant way of expressing yourself. It is also a fantastic way to get things out. If you are an artistic soul who is looking for a place to publish a guest article feel free to send it to us and as long as it is fitting for the subject matter requirements, we would love to add it to the website. It is important to bring in an article from others with their point of view regarding peace. We will consider any article under 1000 words. Email query to with your topic.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions in regards to any of the articles here on this site. Again please share the article in regards to breast cancer especially if you know anyone that has been through it. There are way to many people taken from us long before their time. appreciates all of our followers, thank you!