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When you are able to achieve inner peace you are then able to give genuine love. Now If your soul is nervous you can still love, but to love wholeheartedly you must be at peace within. It is kind of like trying to put a puzzle together with a piece missing or baking a cake and forgetting to add an ingredient. Inner peace is the ingredient you need to freely love without hesitation.

Realizing that in order to love unconditionally and genuinely you have to first have inner peace. You have to love yourself and be proud of who you are. If you can’t look at yourself in the mirror without judging, how will you come across to others? Can a person love others but dislike himself or herself?  Think about this question for a minute. Are you giving another human being all the love they deserve if inside you are thinking about all your own faults? Most likely you are not. You are probably thinking to yourself ” if only I had gorgeous hair like that, then I would be just as good as her.”  You can’t love another human if you are jealous of them. You can try to but half of your heart is focused on yourself. You need your whole heart to truly love another with out question.

This site is all about finding peace within so you can spread love no matter who you, where you live or what you believe in. So please enjoy the site and if you have a story of how you found inner peace or how you spread love please don’t hesitate to comment or email me so we can share it.  Negative comments, judging others, bashing, filth and stories that are not about peace, love and good things will be deleted without discussion. Our site is about the opposite of what is on the news. Once again we welcome you to our site and truly appreciate your visit.

Thank you, enjoy the site and feel free to comment or email us at:                                                                  innerpeacespreadslove@gmail.com

Written by Nicole Gregory 8/22/2015